Yacon Syrup Review

Yacon Syrup

Hi, My name is Dana and this is my Yacon Syrup review. As you can see, in the internet nowadays you can easily find many Yacon Syrup reviews just all over the place, however, be cautions about what you read online and the source that is coming from. When it come to lose weight and mantling a good health program you need reliable information from a source you can trust.

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Yacon Syrup Review – Pure Yacon Molasses Weight Loss

Yacon Syrup is the new wave in the weight loss industry, is becoming popular by the day, however, Yacon Syrup is no anything new, in fact, it have been known and successfully used by many centuries because its health and weigh loss attributes.

Yacon Syrup Review

yacon-syrupAcross the globe, media outlets are going insane. Periodically, a new weight loss product will hit the market and shake up the industry. Currently, the product shaking things up is Pure Yacon Syrup.

From the moment it was featured on the Dr. Oz show, everyone wants in on the action. This includes celebrities to fitness experts and everyone in between. No one can stop talking about this miracle product that is said to be shedding weight around the globe. You probably have a lot of questions about Yacon so we’ve done some research for you so that you can have them answered.

What Is Yacon Syrup?

A natural root found all over South America, Yacon is a natural component of the Andean Diet and has been for many generations. Dr. Oz recently featured this product on his show and it’s quickly become an internet sensation. Participants in the study used the Yacon Syrup over 28 days and each participant monitored how much weight they lost.

Yacon Syrup Study

Sixty participants participated in the Yacon Syrup study. Each of them took the syrup 3 times each day with their meals. Each participant was told to eat and exercise just as they always had as part of the control.

Of the 60 participants, 40 of them completed the study. Results were very positive and quite alarming. Nothing could have prepared anyone for these test results.

70 percent of the women in the trial lost weight. Of those women, 70 percent said they would recommend Yacon as a weight loss product. 14 of the women lost more than 5 pounds and as a total group over 150 pounds were lost.

Many were taken back by how impressive the results really were. Yacon syrup shows real promise when it comes to losing weight. Although this was a short study, it appears to be a very real and effective weight loss method.

How Does Yacon Work?

pure-yacon-syrupWithout delving into the technical aspect of Yacon, it’s high in probiotics. Probiotocs are important to help maintain good bacteria in your guy.

Many studies have revealed that promoting good gut health can boost your metabolism, your immune system and maintain your blood sugars which in turn can help you to maintain a healthy weight.

How Should I Use Yacon?

According to tests, the best way to use Yacon is to take it daily at meals for at least 3 months. The recommended supplier for Yacon is Yacon Syrup Plus and we suggest you follow their routine which is right on their site.

Where Can I Purchase Yacon Syrup?

Although there are many suppliers available online, we’ve done the research for you and found that the most natural and effective syrup on the market today is Pure Yacon Syrup. You’ll find excellent reviews on their site and a very reasonable price. Save yourself the time and money and start with the best.

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